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ognarev's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 178 (From 52 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,595 Points

Shark Rodeo

10Seconds Unlocked 9/4/15
5 Points
Survive 10 seconds!
20Seconds 10 Points Survive 20 seconds
30Seconds 25 Points Survive 30 seconds
40Seconds 50 Points Survive 40 seconds
50Seconds 100 Points Survive 50 seconds

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/190 points)

Slimey's Quest (LD31)

Smashed! Unlocked 9/26/15
10 Points
You destroyed your first enemy!
Winner 25 Points You completed the game. Congratulations.

Medals Earned: 1/2 (10/35 points)

Tentacle Wars

Level 01 Unlocked 8/30/15
5 Points
It's time to learn some tricks
Level 03 Unlocked 8/30/15
5 Points
Dominate! This is your only salvation
Level 04 Unlocked 8/30/15
5 Points
Cut! In the right place, at the right time
Level 05 Unlocked 8/30/15
10 Points
Master the craft of war
Level 06 Unlocked 8/30/15
10 Points
What a huge life form!
Level 07 Unlocked 8/30/15
10 Points
Your enemies - are enemies to each other
Level 02 5 Points Team: step back then protect front line
Level 08 10 Points Get out of my corner
Level 09 10 Points Try walking in their shoes
Level 10 10 Points Is this place safe to hide forever?
Level 11 25 Points Escape
Level 12 25 Points Quick Victory: finish with him as soon as possible
Level 13 25 Points This should be easy
Level 14 25 Points Neutral wall
Level 15 25 Points Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Level 16 50 Points Run as fast as you can
Level 17 50 Points Quick team trick
Level 18 50 Points Behind the wall
Level 19 50 Points Predator is the top life form - become him!
Level 20 50 Points They have no chance to survive...

Medals Earned: 6/20 (45/455 points)

Tequila Zombies 3

Second Blood Unlocked 9/26/15
5 Points
Kill 2 zombies
28 Deaths Later 5 Points Die 28 times
M.D.K. 5 Points Perform Massacre x100
Arachnicide 10 Points Kill the Widow
Bride's Revenge 10 Points Kill 98 enemies with katana
End Of Red Faction 10 Points Kill the Foreman
I Will Not Kill Anyone 10 Points Kill 50 enemies using Hawk MM1
Keep Rocking 10 Points Restore 5000 health points total
Last Blood 10 Points Kill the Green Beret
Machete Kills Again 10 Points Kill 70 enemies with machete
No Brains! 10 Points Perform 1000 headshots total
Nutcracker 10 Points Kill the Rat King
Payback Time 10 Points Kill The Space Hunter
Sub Zero 10 Points Freeze 50 enemies
Sweet Dreams 10 Points Kill the Hog Rider
Underworld Rising 10 Points Kill 50 enemies while in Jeff’s wolfe form
We've Got Explosives! 10 Points Kill 7 enemies with a single barrel explosion
XXX Hot Chilli Burger 10 Points Collect 50 peppers
Dead Man's Booty 25 Points Collect $500 from the coffins
Django Unchained 25 Points Kill 25 Djangos with chainsaw
Greed 25 Points Have $2000 in hand
Leather Face Off 25 Points Kill the Chainsaw Juggler
Rest In Peace 25 Points Kill the Undertaker
Sober Master 25 Points Finish level 1 without using special abilities
Tequila Bum 25 Points Collect 50 tequila bottles in one game
The Last Stand 50 Points Kill the Super Mutant
Tomb Raider 50 Points Find all the secrets
VHM Otaku 50 Points Collect all issues of VHM
Wendy, I'm Home! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/29 (5/500 points)

The Green Kingdom

Dodger Unlocked 6/5/15
5 Points
Build at least three structures on the enemy attack path
First Blood Unlocked 6/5/15
5 Points
Kill the first enemy soldier
OMG Unlocked 6/5/15
5 Points
Pass the level without losing any of your structures
Conqueror 10 Points Occupy 150 land tiles
MrCleaner 10 Points Clean 10 tiles from trees
Big Daddy 25 Points Find and click the secret button
Buffett's Child 25 Points Earn 350 golds in the first 30 seconds
Financier 25 Points Earn 5000 golds
Foreman 25 Points Build 100 structures
Serial Killer 25 Points Kill 20 enemy soldiers in the first 60 seconds
Tornado 25 Points Destroy 3 enemy structures in the first 60 seconds
Freddy 50 Points Kill 750 enemy soldiers
Gagarin 50 Points Earn 30 stars
Spender 50 Points Spend 10000 golds
Wrecking Ball 50 Points Destroy 250 enemy structures
Castles Fall 100 Points Destroy 30 enemy castles

Medals Earned: 3/16 (15/485 points)


Firestarter Unlocked 9/19/15
25 Points
Escape the raptor
Get A Kick Out Of Kicks Unlocked 9/19/15
25 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Gut Reaction 25 Points Get past the triceratops
One Step Too Far 25 Points Save the witch doctor

Medals Earned: 2/4 (50/100 points)

They Live: The Game

BROTHER, LIFE IS A BITCH... Unlocked 9/11/15
5 Points
and she is back in heat.
CHEESE DIP Unlocked 9/11/15
5 Points
Take damage.
DO A BARREL ROLL Unlocked 9/11/15
5 Points
I HAVE GOT ONE THAT CAN SEE! Unlocked 9/11/15
5 Points
Try out the shades.
THEY LIVE... Unlocked 9/11/15
5 Points
...while we sleep.
...BUT YOU COME DOWN HARD 5 Points Get a headache.
ALL OUTTA BUBBLE GUM 5 Points Leave the bank before the round is over.
APATHY 5 Points Follow me on twitter.
BUY 5 Points Buy an upgrade.
FOLLOW 5 Points Follow me on Newgrounds
GETTING ROWDIER 5 Points Check out the extras.
GETTING ROWDY 5 Points Shot the sign.
I SHOT THE CLERK? 5 Points He said "I shot the clerk!"
LIKE 5 Points Like me on Facebook.
MAMA DONT LIKE TATTLETALES 5 Points Kill the tattler.
THE MOVEMENT 5 Points Click the Newgrounds logo.
THEY ARE EVERYWHERE 5 Points Get Frank to help you.
AND WHO ARE YOU LITTLE FELLA? 10 Points Come to show 'em where I am, huh? Not nice!
CONFORM 10 Points Buy all stamina upgrades.
DEAL WITH IT! 10 Points Put the glasses on immediately after making a kill.
KICKING BUBBLE GUM 10 Points Get a x8 combo.
SLEEP 10 Points Buy all health upgrades.
SUBMIT 10 Points Buy all special upgrades.
WATCH TV 10 Points Buy all resistance upgrades.
ALL OUTTA ASS 25 Points Follow Genclops.
THIS IS YOUR GOD 25 Points Get a score of 10000.
CONSUME 50 Points Buy every upgrade.
KICKING ASS! 50 Points Get a x13 combo.
THE GOLDEN RULE 50 Points Get a score of 100000.
OBEY 100 Points Collect every medal.

Medals Earned: 5/30 (25/455 points)

Top Naut

New Naut Unlocked 9/2/15
5 Points
First time playing
2+00= 200 25 Points Earn 200 Points
Asteroidinaire 25 Points Dodge 50 Asteroids
The Hundy 25 Points Earn 100 Points
Naut in 60 Seconds 50 Points Survive for one minute!
Rocketeer 50 Points Dodge 125 Rockets
Tree Fiddy 50 Points Earn 350 Points
Top Naut 100 Points Earn 500 Points

Medals Earned: 1/8 (5/330 points)

Tribot Fighter

First Burst Unlocked 2/5/17
5 Points
Destroy your first enemy
Tribot Warrior Unlocked 2/5/17
10 Points
Complete Level 1
Educated 5 Points Read all Tribopedia pages
Enlightened 5 Points Watch the credits until the end
Puzzle Beater 10 Points Solve the first elevator puzzle
Tribot Hero 10 Points Complete Level 2
Martial Artist 25 Points Learn 9 new abilities
Puzzle Expert 25 Points Solve the second elevator puzzle
Tribot Conqueror 25 Points Complete Level 4
Tribot Gladiator 25 Points Complete Level 3
Martial Virtuoso 50 Points Learn all 18 abilities
Puzzle Master 50 Points Solve the third elevator puzzle
Soul Harvester 50 Points Acquire 9 lives
Tribot Champion 50 Points Complete Level 5
Victorious! 50 Points Beat the game
Like a Boss! 100 Points Beat the game without replaying levels

Medals Earned: 2/16 (15/495 points)

Tricky Treats

Wizardry Unlocked 10/19/15
25 Points
Match 5 at an angle and get the magic wand powerup.
Crystal Ball 25 Points Match 5 and get the Crystal Ball powerup.
Next House 50 Points Beat the first level
Skull Level 50 Points Beat a skull level by collecting or matching 8 skulls.
Game Completed 100 Points Complete all levels

Medals Earned: 1/5 (25/250 points)